CIES Global (Center for Integration of Education and Health) is a non-profit organization that offers the population of high social vulnerability access to medical examinations of médium complexity, through modular units and a health management system. To treat, to educate and to prevent are the concepts that guide us.
Our differentials are:

  • Modular units approved by supervisory bodies such as ANVISA and Regional College of Ophthalmology.
  • Accessibility to health from modular units.
  • Universality of access to health through a partnership with SUS.
  • Integrality with the Preventive Medicine Program (PMP) and Health Card.
  • Sustainability through partnerships between companies, institutions and public authorities.
  • Values based on the SUS chart.
  • Modular units approved by supervisory bodies such as ANVISA and Regional College of Ophthalmology.


To meet the need of integral health of the human being with quality, technology and agility in the concept of treating, educating and preventing.


Be recognized worldwide as the best mobile medical care.


Teamwork with humility; serve people with respect and equity; integrity and transparency in accountability. These values make up the DNA of Love.

Our story

CIES’ story begins with a promise that Roberto Kikawa, back then a medical student and future gastroenterologist, made to his father. Shortly before he died of laryngeal cancer, Kunimasa Kikawa asked his son, “I want you to be a doctor at heart, to understand the patient, unlike those who treated me.” The dream of providing high-quality preventive care to underserved populations, always seeking to “look the patients in the eye” came to life in 2008, with the foundation of CIES and the first Carreta da Saúde.

In the first years, CIES carried out occasional visits, offering examinations of medium complexity to the needy populations. In 2012, the organization signed its first contract for long-term service, with the City of São José dos Campos (SP). Throughout 2012, CIES served more than 30,000 patients in the city, about 70% of the local suppressed demand.

The success of this first agreement with the public power allowed a new partnership, this time with the City of São Paulo, in August 2013, to implement the program Hora Certa Móvel, with service in mobile units (Carreta, Box and Van da Saúde). In 2015, Rede Hora Certa Móvel became public policy in the city of São Paulo, with Law no. 16,133 / 2015.

In 2016, CIES reached the mark of 108 modular units in all regions of São Paulo, in 12 places of work, with 250 employees, 120 medical specialists and more than 770 thousand patients serviced.

“Você chega no lugar e vê a pessoa com uma cara feliz e com o prazer de te atender, isso é muito importante, isso não tem preço que pague.” Rodrigo Alves

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