CIES Global is now providing vital mobile preventative healthcare services to surrounding communities in Atlanta, Georgia through its innovative PMP approach (Preventative Medical Program).


According to Dr. Kikawa, the goal of PMP is to empower and educate individuals about the risks of diseases based on their lifestyle and genetics. The goal is to appropriately guide individuals and determine an appropriate line of care to prevent and minimize the growth of diseases.


CIES, an initiative of Dr. Roberto Kikawa, has served over 1.5 million people in Brazil since its inception 8 years ago. CIES global is now reaching and implementing a global health strategy which will launch in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday October 9, 2016.


Over the past eight years, CIES has attracted the attention of many global leaders and has been recognized as a model for future health initiative and implementation. The World Economic Forum has acknowledged and awarded CIES as a “replicable global initiative for medical and health services.”


Atlanta will be the future home of CIES Global and will be providing services, Atlanta will serve as the base for CIES Global in order to educate, implement and inspire local and global leaders and partners about CIES’ mission and impact.


What is PMP?

The Preventive Medical Program (PMP) aims to:
1. Educate people about the prevention of diseases.
2. Assess the vital health of individuals through lifestyle assessment, vital health screening and detection.
3. Educate the individual about essential medical information to determine a personalized, appropriate line of care.
4. Address essential medical concerns and determine next steps and follow up.
5. Educate the individual and avoid unnecessary follow up and procedures.
6. Most importantly, provide all services with a loving, personalized and compassionate approach.


According to WHO (World Health Organization), Cardiac disease and Diabetes are the leading causes of the majority of worldwide health concerns. CIES Global chose PMP as a strategy to conduct vital tests of: visual acuity, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, BMI and other vital signs necessary for conclusive evaluation.


CIES Global Inauguration:

Where: The adjacent parking lot of The Assembly Church of God in Marietta. 505 Commerce Park SE Marietta, GA 30060
When: Sunday October 9, 2016 1am-5pm.
Info: walk-Ins, no appointment is necessary. First come, first serve basis.
Photo ID is required (any passport from US or another country or photo ID)