In 2016, CIES inaugurated two hospitals, the CIES Global Mobile Compact Hospital – Santo Amaro unit, in the south area of São Paulo, and the CIES Global Mobile Hospital – Vila Carrão unit, in the eastern part of the capital.

CIES Global Mobile Compact Hospital
Santo Amaro - Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Inaugurated in August 2016, this unit is based on the Compact Hospital concept, that is, a lean structure, with hospitalization in the Hospital Dia model, for medium and low complexity procedures and hospitalization of up to 24 hours. The unit has an outpatient area, which can be customized for pre and post-surgical diagnoses, surgical center, short and medium-term post-anesthesia recovery area, and support structures. The hospital has the capacity to attend 5000 people / month, counting 300 surgeries, more than 3,300 exams and 1,300 medical consultations.

CIES Global Mobile Compact Hospital
Vila Carrão - São Paulo (Brazil)

With 315 m², divided into two floors, the hospital was built in a container structure and adapted in treatment rooms and operating rooms. Opened in October 2016, it has the capacity to attend 5,000 person / month, with 300 surgeries of low and medium complexity, 3,300 diagnostic exams and 1,300 consultations in 9 medical specialties. The unit has a new architectural language that aligns the needs of mobility to the humanization of the environment. Just as in the compact hospital of Santo Amaro, hospitalization is up to 24 hours.